12th Judicial Circuit Court, Illinois
Honorable Daniel L. Kennedy
Chief Judge
Honorable Andrea Lynn Chasteen
Clerk of Court

Standardized Electronic Forms
for the 12th Judicial Circuit, Illinois

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Action Form Name Form Description
Download FormADMAdmission
Download Form21FAdmission of Paternity
Download Form153Affidavit of Acceptance
Download Form26F- SpanishAffidavit of Assets and Liabilities - Spanish
Download Form26F - EnglishAffidavits of Assets and Liabilties
Download FormAGENCIESAgencies for Alcohol Drug Evaluations
Download FormAnger Mgt ProgramsAnger Management Programs
Download Form17BAppearance by Attorney
Download Form24EAssignment of Bond
Download FormGOF 25BAttorney Change in Contact Information
Download FormARCIAuthorization to Release Confidential Information
Download FormBBDBail Bond Deposit Form
Download Form181Bail Order
Download FormOBSSBlood and Saliva Specimens Order
Download FormOBRWABCBond Reduction with Additional Bond Conditions
Download FormCOBRBond Reinstatement Court Order
Download Form25eCertificate of Trial in Absentia Admon (Pursuant to Chapter 38 & 115-4.1)
Download Form25E SpCertificate of Trial in Absentia Admon (Pursuant to Chapter 38 & 115-4.1) - Spanish
Download FormCTAA - 25DCertificate of Trial in Absentia Admonition
Download FormOCCSOCertification of Child Sex Offender Order
Download FormCILECertified Inventory List of Exhibits
Download FormO-CCFDCertifying Court has fulfilled its duties Order
Download FormOCDSOCertifying Defendant a Sex Offender Order
Download FormCOTCCircuit Court Order for Trial Clothing
Download Form23E-2Civil/Family Warrant Application
Download FormCPDCPConsent to Participate in the Drug Court Program
Download FormCO 18Contact Visit at Will County ADF Order
Download FormCOCSContinue Subpoenas Order
Download FormPDCRCourt Date Reminder
Download FormCO 23Court Order
Download FormCO-LTWCourt Order - Leave to Withdraw
Download Form17DCourt Order - 17d
Download Form154Criminal Docket Summary Order
Download FormDEISDaily Exhibit Inventory Sheet
Download FormOFDTDisease Testing Order
Download FormOFDDismissal Order
Download FormDBADomestic Battery Admonishment
Download FormDVCPDomestic Violence Counseling Programs
Download FormDCCDrug Court Contract
Download FormDC-PPMDrug Court Policies and Procedure Manual
Download FormDCRPMDrug Court Referral Form and Consent for Disclosure
Download FormDC-RPMDrug Court Request for Phase Movement
Download FormDC-PH3Drug Court Track Three Participant Handbook
Download FormDCPHDrug Court Tracks One and Two Participant Handbook
Download FormGOF 62Drug Testing
Download FormIOCI 18-303Electronic Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union Form for Vital Records
Download FormEDOEvidence Disposition Order
Download FormDV-A 120.4Family Affidavit (Family/Divorce Cases)
Download FormFGC-COFamily Guidance Center Vivitrol Referral Court Order
Download FormFGFamily Guidance Documents
Download Form190 AFamily Remote Court Call Order
Download Form190 BFamily Remote Court Call Order (Cancelling Previous Date)
Download FormFIOFee Increase Order
Download FormVSC - Part. ContractFinal Post Plea Veteran's Court Contract DUI
Download Form187Financial Sentencing Order
Download Form188Financial Sentencing Order (Misdemeanor Room)
Download Form189Financial Sentencing Order (Traffic/Outer Courts)
Download Form189AFinancial Sentencing Order (Traffic/Outer Courts) - SAO Prosecution
Download FormFTWO ConsentFirst Time Weapon Offense Consent
Download FormFTWOFirst Time Weapon Offense Probation Order
Download FormFOFitness Order
Download FormFS/MHRFitness/Sanity Notification to the Chief Judge
Download Form210GAL at Reduced Rate
Download FormCMB 0970-0154Income Withholding For Support
Download FormSF-IWOIncome Withholding Order of Support (State Form)
Download FormSAO IPOIntensive Probation Order
Download FormJSJob Search
Download FormJSD-CO 14(B)Job Search Diary
Download FormJOCJudgment of Conviction Order
Download FormCCJ-JJ-IDOCJudgment Sentence to IDOC
Download FormJVOFDHJuvenile Order Following Detention Hearing
Download FormJVPHCJuvenile Petition for Holiday Court
Download FormLocal Court RulesLocal Court Rules- Oct 2023
Download Form211Mediator Order at Reduced Rate
Download FormMVFMeeting Verification Form
Download FormMOJMemorandum of Judgment
Download FormMH-AOMental Health Court Assessment
Download FormMOB-CO-MHMental Health Court Bond Modification
Download FormMHCCMental Health Court Confidentiality Form
Download FormMHCMental Health Court Consent
Download FormMHCC 2Mental Health Court Contract
Download FormWC-MH-GQMental Health Court Graduation Questionnaire
Download FormMHCHMental Health Court Handbook
Download FormMH-PMRMental Health Court Phase Movement Checklist
Download FormMH-PPMMental Health Court Policies and Procedure Manual
Download FormMHCMental Health Court Referral Form
Download FormMH-SATMental Health Court Self Assessment Tool
Download FormMOB-DCModification of Bond - Drug Court Program
Download FormMOB-CO-VCModification of Bond - Veteran's Court Program
Download FormMTVJ-TCMotion to Vacate Judgment of TASC conviction and dismiss criminal proceedings
Download FormMN-M 703.5Motion Form (State-Approved)
Download FormNOARNotice of Appeal Rights
Download FormMN-N 704.6Notice of Court Date for Motion (State-Approved)
Download Form48ENotice of Motion and Motion
Download FormIMDIS 151Notice of Personal Identity Information
Download FormOCTIIOffender's Consent to Impact Incarceration
Download FormOSOFOfficial Statement of Facts
Download FormSAO-CO-CONTOrder for Continuance
Download FormOFDOEOrder for Destruction of Evidence
Download Form182Order for Electronic Monitoring
Download Form7AOrder for Motion/Trial Setting and Disclosure Deadlines
Download FormSF- OSISOrder for Support Info Sheet (State Form)
Download Form101Order for Terminating Support
Download Form102Order for Terminating Support (Multiple Children)
Download FormWAC- 624.3Order for Waiver of Criminal Case Assessments (State-Approved form)
Download FormSAO-OCDOrder of Conditional Discharge
Download FormF-SO-002-AOrder of Support
Download FormDV-CSO 129.4Order of Support (State Form)
Download Form146Order to Notify the Illinois State Police of an Adjudication of a Person as a Mentally Disabled Person
Download FormOTPTROrder to Provide Treatment Records
Download FormOAFFCOrder Assessing Fines, Fees and Costs
Download Form212Parenting-Time Supervisor Order at Reduced Rate
Download Form147Petition for Certificate of Innocence
Download FormPFRTSCPetition for Rule to Show Cause
Download Form113Petition to Expunge or Seal Order
Download FormPTR-DCPetition to Remove from Drug Court
Download FormPTRPetition to Revoke
Download FormPCOPhone Card Order
Download Form25b1Plea of Guilty
Download Form25b1-spPlea of Guilty - Spanish
Download FormProb. OrderProbation Order
Download FormPTROProduce Treatment Records Order
Download FormPGMIProvide Genetic Marker Information - Order
Download FormPSW-ORGPublic Service Work Organizations English - List
Download FormPSW-ORG SPPublic Service Work Organizations Spanish List
Download FormPFADOSADPFA Appeal OSAD Appointment Order (Defendant Appellant)
Download FormPFASOSADPFA Appeal OSAD Appointment Order (State Appellant)
Download Form200PFA Initial Appearance Order
Download Form202PFA Mittimus Order Remanding Custody
Download FormPFADNOAPFA Notice of Appeal Defendant Appellant
Download FormPFANOASPFA Notice of Appeal State Appellant
Download Form204PFA Pre-Trial Detention Order
Download Form206PFA Pre-Trial Release Notice to Appear
Download Form205PFA Pre-Trial Release Order
Download Form207PFA Pre-Trial Release Revocation Hearing Order
Download Form208PFA Pre-Trial Release Sanctions Hearing Order
Download Form209PFA Request for Preparation of Transcripts & Report of Proceedings
Download Form201PFA Summons for Violation of Pre-Trial Release
Download Form203PFA Violation of Pre-Trial Release Conditions Order
Download FormPSIPSI Order - Adult Probation Form
Download FormROITCORecognizance or Inpatient Treatment Court Order
Download FormRH-CORecovery Home Court Order
Download FormROIRelease of Information
Download FormRFS <18Request for Supervision (Under Age 18)
Download FormSCRAMScram Order
Download Form185Search Warrant/Seizure Warrant
Download FormSCPOSecond Chance Probation Order
Download FormSOSentencing Order
Download FormSOPOSex Offender Probation Order
Download FormSTDSpeedy Trial Demand
Download FormSAO 300 COState's Attorney Court Order 302-303-304-305-314
Download FormPUBStreet Value Fine and Crime Lab Fee Order
Download Form14A1Subpoena
Download Form14BSubpoena for Deposition
Download Form14GSubpoena for Production of Documents/Tangible Items
Download FormSMOSubpoenaed Materials Order
Download Form1DSummons - Adoption
Download Form42ASummons in Administrative Review (Except Worker's Compensation)
Download Form42BSummons in Administrative Review (Worker's Comp Only)
Download FormSAO-SOSupervision Order
Download Form213SCR 215 Medical/Mental Examination Order at Reduced Rate
Download Form175SECTION 725 ILCS 5/113-4 (c) and 113-8 ADMONISHMENTS
Download FormT.A.S.C. OET.A.S.C. Order Evaluation
Download FormT.A.S.C. POT.A.S.C. Probation Order
Download FormTASC SIGT.A.S.C. Referral Signature Form
Download FormTACRTherapy and Counseling Referrals
Download FormTOTransport Order
Download FormSPAC-UUWUnlawful Use of a Weapon Supplemental Sentencing Order
Download FormVCVeteran's Court Consent to Participate
Download FormVCCVeteran's Court Contract
Download FormVCHVeteran's Court Handbook
Download FormVE-PPMVeteran's Court Policies and Procedure Manual
Download FormVCFFVeteran's Court Referral & Consent For Disclosure
Download FormVC-RPHVeteran's Court Request for Phase Movement
Download FormVC-CDVeterans and Service Members Court Authorization for Release of Health Information
Download FormVGQVeterans Graduation Questionnaire
Download FormWOEWaiver of Extradition
Download FormWTJ E-25DWaiver of Trial by Jury - English
Download FormWTJ-S-25DWaiver of Trial by Jury - Spanish
Download FormWQO 24AWarrant Quash Order
Download FormGAL List2024 Approved Guardian Ad Litem List (052024)
Download FormMediator List2024 Approved Mediator List (053124)
Download Form410-ERF410 Eligibility Referral Form
Download Form410 PO410 Probation Order
Number of Forms in Collection - 184

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